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Homestay Hygge!

This past Thursday night, we had our second homestay event of the semester – “Homestay Hygge” that invited all of the students in the homestay network and host families this semester! The event consisted of three parts – dinner, making småkager, and cross-cultural bingo with prizes.

After attending a Language Café (a Danish language exam revision activity) in upstairs Student Hub, which was also where the homestay event was at, I hanged around DIS until my host family arrived at 5:30pm, and we headed upstairs and sat at a table right near the dinner spread! A few friendly DIS staff members were there to host and facilitate the event, and after a brief introduction of the plan for the night, invited us to each grab a plate to get some dinner.

Although I was not used to having a cold spread at dinner (lunch and dinner are usually hot meals in China), the super hygge ambiance was all that I needed. My two worlds here in Copenhagen crisscrossed as I introduced several of my friends who also attended the event to my host family. I even got to meet the super nice host mom of one of my good friends in my home college, who was enrolled in the DIS Copenhagen program last fall!

After dinner (which also involved gløgg – “glögi” in Finnish, an amazingly-tasted drink that I first tried during my Long Study Tour in Helsinki last week!), we cleared our table to get ready for the second activity of the night – making småkager!

With the ingredients provided by DIS and a few cookie cutters that my host family brought, we followed the instructions of the master baker in the family – my host sister, and spread flour, rolled dough, and made some good-looking and festive småkager (we will not mention the few stars that I’ve accidentally decapitated during the first few experiments)!

The third and final activity of the event was cross-cultural bingo with prizes, the rules of which I unfortunately have not memorized by heart, but remembered the gist that each table had one dice, whenever someone rolled the dice to six, one will be able to get a present that the participants brought and placed at the center of the table, and after one gets a present, one must give a present to one’s left or right when certain other dice numbers are rolled. The first half of the game saw me not rolling out any 6s while some of us at the table managed to successfully accumulate 3+ presents, but at the end almost everyone got an even 1 present!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at this week’s big event with me, I can’t wait to see you at the next post!


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